Custom Gallery

 Each custom jewellery piece is thoughtfully handmade in our Toronto studio, just fo you.
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Emerald Cut Salt & Pepper Diamond Ring.    Emerald Cut Moissanite Ring.
Geometric Grey & White Diamond Band.    Gemstone & Diamond Sahara Band.
                                    Oval Blue Sapphire Sun Ring.      0.95ct Around The World Diamond Solitaire Ring. 
                  1.12ct Black Hexagon Diamond Ring.      Salt & Pepper Diamond  6-claw Textured Ring. 
 0.50ct Marquise Diamond Half Halo Ring.       1.61ct Oval Salt & Pepper Diamond Ring.
               2ct Black Hexagon Diamond Ring.      Rectangular Salt & Pepper Diamond Stud.
Emerald Cut Brown Diamond Ring.     1.22ct Round Diamond Claw Ring.
                         Ombre Diamond Gold Brooch.      Heirloom Diamond Cluster Infinity Bracelet. 
Smokey Hexagon Claw Ring.      Black Pear Claw Ring.
Cushion Diamond Double Claw Ring.     Raw Emerald Family Ring.
                  2ct Rough Ruby Cluster Ring.     Icy Cushion Diamond Double Claw Ring.
        Pear Peach Sapphire Ring.     Orange Sapphire Cluster Ring. 

                 Oval Purple Sapphire Sun Ring.     Round Salt & Pepper Diamond Solitaire.

         Oval Raw Grey Diamond Solitaire.      Paparadscha Sapphire Sun Ring.

                Half Moon Diamond Halo Ring.      Marquise Blue Sapphire Edge Ring. 

          Oval Champagne Diamond Sun Ring.     Colombian Pear Emerald Bandage Ring.