Ring Sizer

Find out your finger size with this easy to use at home sizer. Skip the guessing when ordering an engagement ring or a self treat. Get your correct size for the correct finger so your dream pieces fit perfectly.

Add the sizer to your order at no cost or order it solo and pay for shipping only.

Comes with instructions.

Tips on use:

- feed the rounded end through the loop like a belt and pull to tighten

- start with a larger size and begin trying it on

- the perfect size should slide on fairly easy while passing the knuckle

- if the sizer moves & dances around when on, the size is too big; look for a snug feel without pinching 

- there should be slight resistance when taking off, a few wiggles to pass the knuckle is a good sign 

- read the size numbers from left to right; your size will land on the left side of the arrow

- if it reads on the line between numbers you are a half size (between 7 & 8 - you are 7.5)

- if it reads between a number and a small line, you are a quarter size (between 7 & the fist line - you are 7.25)

Complimentary. Pay for shipping only.