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About Us

The Brand          

Yuliya Chorna Jewellery is a fine jewelry brand created and designed by Yuliya Chorna in Toronto, Canada.
Our collections offer an alternative take on bridal and every day fine jewellery. They are modern heirlooms made to last, to be loved and passed down. Yuliya focuses on elegant exploration of nature inspired textures and modern design. A unique combination of old world charm and refined look.
All of our pieces are designed and hand crafted in our Toronto studio, with Yuliya as a lead goldsmith. Keeping production small scale, we are dedicated to using recycled gold, sustainable fine metals and ethically sourced coloured gemstones and diamonds. By hand picking each gem, all pieces become unique creations. 

We believe jewellery should be made with great care and attention to detail from start to finish. Each mark and curve made with intention. We hope our customers can re-connect with their pieces as the time passes, discovering new meaning as they naturally change through life with them.

In the world full of different cultures and individualities your jewelry should be as unique as you.  



About Yuliya

"I fell in love with jewellery when I was very young. It started with me digging through my mom's jewellery box filled with heirlooms and pieces she bought for herself as milestones. Each piece caring stories and meaning that connected you to them. Women in my family saved their earnings for that one ring or necklace for themselves as a way to celebrate life's moments. Something they could pass down, that would tell a story and become an instant heirloom (we still do that). 
I believe jewellery is a small reflection of ourselves. Something that should be for every day & not just special occasions. Well made treasures that celebrate our stories, immortalizing things that are important to us."

Yuliya Chorna is an award winning jewellery designer, and the main goldsmith and owner of her namesake brand. 

Yuliya explored her creativity through varies forms of art from an early age. Always inspired by the old word romanticism and fine and decorative arts. She pursued her jewellery career in Toronto, finishing three year Jewellery Arts program in George Brown College in 2010. After a few years of freelancing on custom jewellery projects she start developing her namesake brand.
Yuliya's work focuses on showcasing beauty in things that may seam blemished to the world that constantly demands perfection. She designs jewellery that tells our stories, reflects our love and celebrates our uniqueness.  
Her pieces are defined by delicate balance of organic textures and refined finishes. 
Most items are hand carved in wax and then cast in solid gold using centuries old gold smithing techniques.
This allows for control over her unique textures and an overall handmade quality look.

Having showcased in Los Angeles, New York and some of the biggest cities in Canada, Yuliya is constantly working towards changing the way we choose and wear jewellery. 
Yuliya currently works out of her studio on Queen Street West in Toronto, Canada.