Ideally we would size you in person with professional tools at our studio. If this is not possible we encourage you to get sized at your local jewellers. Our hands change through out the day, with weather and water retention. We suggest getting sized a few times to get the perfect sizing. If you are having trouble figuring our your correct size email us at to get help.

When ordering online, choose the correct size from the drop down menu in the product listing or specify your size in the message box during check out. We offer one time complimentary ring sizing on Ready To Ship rings to fit the ring to you prior to shipping.

If ring purchase is a surprise and the ring needs to be adjusted later, we offer complimentary one time sizing within the first 6 months of purchase. Clients are responsible for shipping item/s back to our studio.

Additional fees will apply to any adjustments after 6 months from the time of purchase or multiple adjustments within the same period of time.


If your ring needs adjustment after purchase we suggest using your local jewelry store for sizing for convenience. Note that we can not be responsible for any damages that may occur during sizing outside our studio. If you prefer for us to do the sizing it will be complimentary. But it will be client's responsibility to cover all shipping and possible duty costs while shipping to and from our studio.


If you are getting a Custom Made or a Made To Order piece the same steps to finding the right ring size apply. If you were able to visit in person and get sized or the custom ring was a surprise and still needs to be adjusted later, the same policies apply. We can re-size the ring free of charge within the first 6 months of purchase.


If your Yuliya Chorna Jewellery needs attention we are happy to inspect it and give you a quote for repairing services. From re-polishing, tightening stone settings, sizing and adjusting we can do it. Note that we don't offer repairs on jewellery that is not made by us. 

Clients are responsible for shipping their jewellery to our studio for repair (if applicable).


We stand by our products and want to make sure each customer has the best possible experience. Yuliya Chorna Jewellery warrants all products within first 6 month of purchase. 

We will replace any melee (2mm and smaller) stones within the first 6 months of purchase.

We can size or adjust pieces one time, free of charge, within the 6 months of purchase. Customer will be responsible for extra shipping costs to (and from, if you are international) our Toronto studio.

Each listing description will indicate if the item comes with an appraisal (certificate of authenticity). If the item does not, we can provide it for additional cost of $60 CAD. Note that if you are international you will have to get the piece appraised in your province/state to be able to insure it. We encourage you to insure your engagement ring with a third party or private insurance company. We don't insure loss, theft, daily wear and tear and possible chipping of stones. Any stone, even diamond, can be chipped during an accident or a powerful hit against a tough surface. 

Be sure to visit Jewellery Care page for tips on taking good care of your fine jewellery pieces.