Oval salt and pepper diamond ring

Salt and Pepper Diamonds: Everything You Need To Know

November 09, 2023

What are Salt and Pepper Diamonds?

All natural diamonds are different from one another in clarity, colour, cut and carat weight. The one significant thing that sets them apart is their inclusions. 
Salt and pepper diamonds challenge the norm of flawless appearance in a traditional diamond and instead offer a disarming natural beauty in their imperfections.

Salt and pepper diamonds have a mix of naturally occurring inclusions visible to the naked eye. From dark (pepper) to light (salt), these imperfections create an ethereal, almost cosmic appearance. Within these seemingly chaotic inner galaxies, lies a delicate balance of character and fascinating history of each stone.
Sometimes they are referred to as galaxy diamonds for that reason. The variations in size, shape, and distribution of inclusions make each salt and pepper diamond completely one of a kind. Each stone has something different to discover within.

It's this exact blend of unpredictable imperfections that sets salt and pepper diamonds apart and why we are here to celebrate them.

 Emerald cut salt and pepper diamond ring

What's in a Salt and Pepper Diamond?

Just like any other natural diamond, each salt and pepper diamond was formed under immense pressure and temperature in the earth over millions of years. Eventually they made their way closer to the surface for us to discover.

Most common inclusions in these alternative diamonds are traces of other minerals and naturally occurring irregularities in crystal structure. 

Oval icy diamond ring 
Hexagon salt and pepper diamond ring  Round salt and pepper diamond ring

Carbon Spots: Small black or dark coloured spots, often composed of carbon, are a common inclusion in salt and pepper diamonds. These spots can vary in size and distribution throughout the diamond.

Feathers: Feathers are small fractures or cracks within the diamond. In salt and pepper diamonds, these fractures can be visible and add to the overall character of the stone. The size and orientation of feathers can influence the diamond's appearance and give the stone an icy look.

Needles: Needle-like inclusions, which can be thin crystals of other minerals, may be present in salt and pepper diamonds. These needles can create a subtle, thread-like pattern within the stone.

Clouds: Clouds are clusters of tiny pinprick inclusions that may appear hazy or cloudy within the diamond. While such inclusions might affect the clarity of traditional diamonds negatively, in salt and pepper diamonds, they contribute to the overall unique aesthetic.

Graining: Graining refers to irregularities in the diamond's crystal structure. It can manifest as lines, patterns, or areas with different optical properties. Graining contributes to the overall character of salt and pepper diamonds.

Celestial beauty of salt and pepper diamonds can only be achieved by Mother Nature herself! 

Choosing the Perfect Salt and Pepper Diamond

Kite salt and pepper diamond ring

The balance between salt and pepper in a diamond can vary widely. Some may have a predominantly white, icy appearance with subtle inclusions, while others may be so dark as to almost be classified as black diamonds. The choice ultimately depends on personal preference and style.

Whatever you choose, your gem will be one-of-a-kind and irreplaceable. Here at Yuliya Chorna Jewellery we honour these natural wonders by specializing in sourcing the most unique specimens for each jewellery piece.

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