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What Are Champagne Diamonds?

October 03, 2023

What Are Champagne Diamonds?

Champagne diamonds, sometimes referred to as cognac diamonds or brown diamonds, derive their name from their enchanting champagne-like colour. These diamonds are not colourless, but instead exhibit a range of warm, brownish hues, often reminiscent of the golden effervescence of champagne. This unique diamond colour is a result of their formation deep within the Earth's crust, subjected to specific geological conditions and trace elements.

There are two gradings systems for natural Champagne Diamonds: GIA and Argyle.

GIA Champagne diamond grading falls between K-Z on GIA colour grading (refer to image below),

K-M: Faint Champagne to Faint Brown

N-R: Light Champagne to Very Light Brown

S-Z: Medium Champagne to Light Brown

Argyle Champagne Diamond Grading System


Argyle System describes champagne colouration between C1-C7.

C1 - Very Light Champagne

C2 - Light Champagne

C3/C4 - Medium Champagne

C5/C6 - Dark Champagne

C7 - Cognac

How Are Champagne Diamonds Formed?

Like all diamonds, champagne diamonds are formed under immense pressure and heat, typically around 90 to 120 miles beneath the Earth's surface. Carbon atoms arrange themselves into a crystal lattice structure over millions of years. What sets champagne diamonds apart is the presence of nitrogen molecules. Nitrogen atoms absorb light in the blue part of the spectrum, allowing the warm brown tones to shine through. The concentration and arrangement of nitrogen within the diamond crystal lattice influence the specific shade of brown, ranging from light champagne to deep cognac.

Emerald Cut Champagne Diamond Ring

Champagne diamonds often contain inclusions, such as tiny pinpoint spots or feathers, which are indicative of their natural origin. These inclusions can affect the diamond's clarity but also contribute to the gem's unique character and can be considered as its birthmarks.

Where Are Champagne Diamonds Sourced From?

They are often found in regions known for their diamond deposits, including Australia (Argyle mine was one of the main global sources), Brazil, Africa, and Canada. Our beloved Canadian diamond supplier, Misfit Diamonds, specializes in responsibly sourced diamonds including champagne diamonds.

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Champagne Diamond Engagement Rings

Champagne diamond rings are perfect for any alternative bride looking for a modern brilliant cut diamond engagement ring with a unique flair. Whether you're an enthusiast of coloured gemstones or simply appreciate the allure of something different, natural champagne diamonds are undoubtedly worth exploring for their extraordinary charm and beauty.