Oval Diamond ring set

Ring Stacking Guide

June 02, 2021

Ring Stacking Guide

How to stack rings & create ring sets that suit your taste & lifestyle.


Either it's for your ceremony, a milestone celebration or just because, choosing your ring set should be fun AND meaningful. To help you build your perfect bridal or everyday stack, we look at some of the most popular ring shapes and best ways to stack them.
Keep in mind two main setting styles:
Low Profile - a setting style that will sit low to your finger and stack best with fitted bands. These will be flatter on the hand and are great for an active lifestyle.
High Profile - a setting style that will sit higher off your finger, often with an under-gallery or cathedral like details under the centre stone propped on top of the main band. These are designed to accommodate straight and fitted bands and are very versatile.


Oval engagement rings or self-love rings are timeless in their elegance and how they elongate the finger.
Have fun with Low Profiles and add larger diamond crowns for extra sparkle, play with rounded or pointed shapes, or go with more subtle look of solid gold and diamond accents. 
High Profiles will have a lot of room for mixing and matching. Go more modern with a wide band and a crown or slip a straight band in between.


Round shaped centre stones are a classic and they go with everything!
Rounds will have a similar fit capabilities to ovals. With Low Profiles you can go  minimal with solid gold or add a splash of diamonds with a unique crown.
Slide matching textured bands next to High Profile settings, classic half eternity diamond bands or maybe a wide band for volume.
Or throw a crown on it!


Pear shapes have a romantic feel and we are loving them! This shape has a point on one side and wider curve on the other, making it really fun to mix stacking bands.
For Low Profile you'll have an option for a curved band to sit next to the wider side of the pear or a point band right against its pointed side (or both). All of these options transfer to the High Profile setting styles plus you will have an option to slide a straight band right under the setting.
Have more questions about how to build your perfect stack? Email us at info@yuliyachornajewellery.com and we will help you out.