pear diamond ring

Creating Pyrus Ring

April 30, 2020

Pyrus Pear Diamond Ring

This pear diamond ring is the latest one-of-a-kind piece in collaboration with our amazing diamond partner MisfitDiamonds

The Story -

The second I laid my eyes on these two pear shaped diamonds, I knew they needed to be represented in a very special piece of jewellery. The 3.16ct diamonds feature a checkerboard cut, which is a variation on antique rose cut. This gives them a subtle sparkle but also allows for much larger spread per carat. And the most unique quality about these diamonds is their feathery inclusions that makes them fall under the salt & pepper diamonds qualification. These stones glow with an old world charm that I am so often drawn towards. 
Ashkan from MisfitDiamonds and I saw an opportunity to create something unique to celebrate the genius of mother nature while showcasing diamonds you may have never seen before. And since my work is greatly inspired by gems, I was honoured to take on the challenge of making this idea come to life.

The Vision -

The ring was already in production when the whole world went on quarantine, forced to slow down if not stop in some ways. And in this pause, I was able to see that nothing ever really stays still. There is a constant flow to things, like an ocean that’s always moving, its waters reflecting the light. These diamonds remind me of those waters. Their reflection changes with the slightest of movement. This vision became a driving force for staying on track and seeing the project through. The world needed to see the finished result!

The Process -

The design for the ring was born on the beach, by the ocean, with warm breeze and glittery waves. No wonder it ended up being so inspired by that setting. I had some help from our instagram audience and we landed on the final version of the design.
I wanted to showcase two pear diamonds without taking away from them. I positioned them with the ends pointing to north/south and complimented them with salt & pepper rose cut diamonds and some white brilliant cut Canadian diamonds. All set with prongs for light and breezy feel. The band features hand-carved wavy texture, which reminds me of the sand on the bottom of the ocean. And to finish, the ring was cast in rich 18k yellow gold with a mixture of matte and high polished finish for a beautiful contrast.

The Result -

The result is a one-of-a-kind treasure. A nod to older traditions and celebration of modern design. This ring is made to be loved now and then passed down to the next generation.
A ring to go through time with you, to soak up your stories of love, life and movement. 
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