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              About Yuliya


Yuliya Chorna is an award winning Canadian jewellery designer and goldsmith. 

Her work focuses on showcasing beauty in things that may seam blemished to the world that constantly demands perfection. She designs pieces that tell our stories and that of the vast world around us.  
Yuliya studied Jewellery Arts and gold smithing for three years in Toronto and has been pursuing her jewellery path since.
She creates high quality, modern, yet unconventional heirlooms that are meant to last. Her pieces are defined by delicate balance of organic textures and refined finishes. 
She's dedicated to using ethically sourced gemstones and uses recycled metals as much as possible. Most of her pieces are hand carved in wax and then cast in solid gold. This allows for control over her unique textures and an overall handmade quality look.
"Growing up, the great outdoors became my biggest inspiration and getaway. Today I also draw inspiration from modern art, fashion and travel. I think it's important to have a diverse understanding of our multi-cultural world" - Yuliya. 

Having showcased her work in Los Angeles, New York and some of the biggest cities in Canada, Yuliya is constantly working towards changing the way we choose and wear jewellery. 
Yuliya currently works out of her studio on Queen Street West in Toronto, Canada.
About The Brand
Yuliya Chorna Jewellery represents modern alternative of well made fine jewellery with ethical approach to production and gemstone sourcing.
We believe each piece should be made with great care and attention to detail from start to finish and should represent the person wearing it. We source conflict free precious gemstones and use recycled metals. We are dedicated to creating one of a kind and limited edition pieces that are designed and handmade in our Toronto studio, brining best possible quality. 
By hand picking each gemstone and making each piece by hand to fit that stone, we create jewellery that is unique and to which our modern client can relate to.
In the world full of different cultures and individualities we think your jewellery should be as unique as you. 

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