Our Story

The Brand          

Yuliya Chorna Jewellery is a fine jewelry brand created and designed by Yuliya Chorna in Toronto, Canada.
We focus on excellent craftsmanship and modern design with an old world charm. Our handmade bridal and everyday fine jewellery features unique textures, but has a refined, modern look. Created to become future heirlooms, to be loved and passed down.
Each piece is designed by Yuliya and handcrafted in Toronto studio.  In collaboration with best local master setters and casting houses, our jewellery is created to last and become your precious heirlooms. We believe jewellery should be made with great care and attention to detail from start to finish.  With comfort and longevity at the forefront of design, all textures and finishes are made with intention. 
Keeping production small scale, we offer limited Ready To Ship items when the rest of the collection pieces are Made To Order. We hope to minimize our environmental foot print and use resources to create only when we need them. We recycle all gold scraps and dust created during production and most sample pieces are recycled into new jewellery if not sold. Nothing goes to waste.
All diamonds used  by Yuliya Chorna Jewellery are conflict free and fall under The Kimberely Process. We work with trusted local gem suppliers who offer us responsibly sourced coloured gems. All of our small round diamonds are of Canadian origin. We also offer larger sized responsibly-mined Canadian diamonds for your custom projects. 

The Maker

about Yuliya Chorna

Yuliya Chorna is an award winning jewellery designer, and the main goldsmith and owner of her namesake brand.

Yuliya explored her creativity through varies forms of art from an early age. Born and raised in western Ukraine, she grew up with a strong sense of value and passion for all things handmade. Always drawing, painting, sewing and working with her hands. 

She graduated with honours from a three year Jewellery Arts program in Toronto. After teaching jewellery workshops and learning the retail side of fine jewellery she focused on refining her brand and creating custom pieces for clients. She's been handcrafting custom fine jewellery for over 10 years now.

Yuliya designs jewellery that tells our stories, reflects our love and celebrates our uniqueness. Her pieces have a delicate balance of organic textures and refined finishes. Yuliya uses age old gold smithing techniques like wax carving, lost wax casting and fabrication to bring her jewellery to life. 

She has showcased in Los Angeles, New York and some of the biggest cities in Canada.
Yuliya currently works out of her private studio in downtown Toronto, Canada. Book your Appointment to discuss your custom project or to shop pieces in person.