What are Salt & Pepper diamonds

What are Salt & Pepper diamonds

July 25, 2018

SO what are these popular diamonds and why are they called salt & pepper?

All it really means is that the 'salt' are the white inclusions of the diamond and the 'peppe'r are the dark ones. Yes, natural diamonds can have white and dark inclusions in them. 
They range from dark to light with an amazing variety. These little imperfections are small particles that sometimes get inside the diamond during it's formation. In the jewellery industry and within the grading system of all diamonds, these are considered flaws. 

But we love natural flaws!
We are all about embracing that one of a kind look and those unique, seemingly endless, space-like galaxies that live inside the salt & pepper diamonds.  In fact, you may see some people referring to them as Galaxy diamonds for that exact reason.

These beauties can be lighter on your pocket and add some seriously unique look to your forever piece.
I think it's completely okay to step away from the norm and look for creative alternatives when choosing your perfect stone.
The industry is changing rapidly and standards as we knew them before are boiling down to one thing - you do you. Especially when speaking of customized pieces, I think the client should have a say in what's right for them, with help of an expert, of course.

If you need help deciding what's best for you, you can reach us at info@yuliyachornajewellery.com to get started on your one of a kind heirloom or visit our Custom Jewellery page to get inspired.

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